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Santorini. Beyond the beaches.

There’s a lot more to Santorini than meets the eye. Apart from the beaches and the amazing views, this island has a great history like all of Greece does. Here are some suggestions to help you get a whiff of what the ancient Santorinians were all about!

TIP: There is special ticket combo priced at 14Euros that includes entrance to Akrotiri and Ancient Thera as well as all the major museums in Santorini.

Akrotiri archaeological site

A short ride away from Fira, the excavation site is easy to spot. Leave your rented car in the parking lot and get ready to travel back in time.
It’s not often when you get to say you saw something this old. In fact, since the ruins of Akrotiri’s village date back to the 5th millennium BC, it’s a safe bet you haven’t seen anything as pre-historic as that!
It’s mind blowing to see how the pre-historic Santorinians lived and prospered. There is evidence of highly developed trading relations with other civilizations from the Aegean sea, the most prominent of which is Crete.
The discovered art is beyond beautiful! The frescoes have so vivid colours it’s impossible not to get impressed!
Take a stroll above this magnificent specimens of human resourcefulness and spot the drainage system, the house of the ladies and the many different rooms.

As you leave the site, take a walk towards the sea and discover the magnificent red beach.

Museum of prehistoric Thira

If your visit to Akrotiri left you in awe, you have to visit this museum and see the artifacts displayed from the excavation site.
Amongst others you’ll see the very popular blue monkeys’ wall paintings, pottery and a lot of Cycladic art.
As recently as 1999 the discovery of a golden goat became one of the museums highlights.

Archaeological museum

For a complete visit to the past, the archaeological museum would have to be your next stop. You will be able to see the culture of the era from the Archaic to the Roman period, the Hellenistic period and more.

Museum of minerals and fossils

For the nature and science lovers the museum of minerals and fossils in Santorini is a must see.
If you are fascinated by life captured in a rock then you’ll love this museum. There’s a prominent collection of fossils with preserved olive plants and palm trees that sheds light on the European flora evolution.

Santorini. Beyond the beaches.
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