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Santorini for the foodies

Your life’s dream to visit Santorini, a gem island of the Greek Cyclades, has come true. As your plane touches down this volcanic island your stomach begins to growl reminding you that you haven’t eaten in hours and hours.

Fret not! If there is a place for you to indulge into crazy good food, Greece is it and Santorini is no exception!


Despite the fact that modern Greeks have diminished the most important meal of the day into a coffee and a cookie, you shouldn’t. Take the time to eat slowly and savor the tastes.
Start with a cup of freshly prepared Greek coffee. Surely you can forgo your instant coffee or your espresso just this once! Don’t knock it till you try it, you may like it so much you’ll buy some for home too!
Nothing beats fresh fruit and/or a fresh juice! You will get the much needed vitamins your body needs in a bowl (or a glass).
As for munching on something, you will not be disappointed. Either you are an egg person or a cheese lover or even you need to satisfy your sweet tooth first thing in the morning, there are many options in the islands hotels. And if the place you are staying doesn’t offer breakfast, you’ll find many bakeries on Santorini’s streets. Just follow your nose!

Main meals

After visiting the famous Santorini’s beaches and walking the streets of Oia and Fira, you need to replenish yourself with some lunch. Santorini has something for every palate.
You can’t go wrong with fresh fish. Find a place you like and choose the fish you want to eat. You will see the fish being weighed in front of you and the next time you’ll meet it will be accompanied with side dishes. Don’t forget to order a Greek salad and never mind what the savoir vivre says about eating with your hands. You NEED to wet your bread into that olive oil/tomato juice marinara! Trust me on this!
Santorini is famous for her cherry tomatoes so don’t miss a chance to eat some tomato fritters. They are delicious. Also famous and so yummy is the fava bean puree. Perfect when accompanied with caramelized onions.
Another vegetarian option is the white eggplants endemic of Santorini. They are sweeter than regular eggplants and when baked with tomatoes and veggies they are mouthwatering!
When dinner time rolls around, a pasta dish maybe just the thing to keep you going strong for a wild night out on Santorini’s night clubs. With vegan and meat-eating choices, everyone will be happy with their meal!


It would be totally wrong for you to visit Santorini and not have a taste caramelized peanuts covered in sesame. Go find them now!!!

Vino time

Wine is always a good idea and what better place to enjoy it than a winery in Santorini! There are wineries open for tours and there’s even a wine museum in the island.
If you are a fan of dessert wines don’t forget to taste “Nama”, a very sweet red wine used traditionally in the wedding ceremony in Greece. Don’t overdo it because it’s really strong and please, don’t drink and drive!

Enjoy your stay and don’t look at the scale. Life’s about experiences not pounds!

Santorini for the foodies
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