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Santorini island

Santorini is the place to visit for someone who wishes to have a magical destination experience. It is especially handy for those visitors who love the allure of water mass. This island is a place where one can get just the right serenity to relax the mind all surrounded by nature.
There are several features that will attract you to Santorini. For example, you will have access to many wonderful beaches should you decide to visit this destination. The Red Beach and the Kamari are some of the beaches where you can visit for swimming, relaxation or for playing any kind of games that you may be interested in.

Churches in Santorini island

The island is also home to some of the oldest churches in Greece. For people who love religion, this will be a good place to revel in the history that once was. They are nice places for exploration and several people take pictures to carry back home with them here. There are also museums, mostly located at Fira which carry a lot on the heritage of this Greek island. You can be able to learn a lot on the history of this place from the archaeological and maritime artefacts that you will sample here.

Santorini villages

You can also sample the rich social life of this place. This you can do through the amazing villages that dot the island. They are uniquely built on the magical cliffs which gives them a magnificent view. There are several villages which you can visit during your stay here to get a gist of the kind of life that the people here live. It is best to comb these villages through the use of vehicles which can access them easily.


Geographical features like Skaros are also a good kind of attraction in Santorini. This even has historical attributes as it was used as a fortress of the island. During this time, Skaros was considered the capital of Santorini. It has a rocky relief which forms good scenery and could make a good place for site-seeing.

Cable Car

The Cable Car is more like a signature of this island. This is a series of steps that can take you from the famous town of Fira right to the old port that primarily used to serve Santorini. You might wish to experience this feature by use of a donkey or merely on foot. From this old port, you can taste the allure of boat tours.

Wines of Santorini

One of the key factors that people identify Greece with is the richness of the wines served there. Grapes grow very healthy in Santorini as well and this has the advantage that the wine quality is superb. People who have a passion for sampling of wines will really relish a visit here when they get to taste of these wines right at the source.

Geographic attractions

There are indeed very many more attractions that could come in handy for you who wish to explore the magic of Santorini Island. Whether you wish to have an experience with the geographic attractions or wan to sample the social aspect of life in this place, you will be sure to enjoy your life.

Driving environment

Santorini has a friendly driving environment. You will rarely meet traffic; there are free parking areas all over the island and gas stations all along the road network. This map indicates the gas station with the characteristic sign.

Santorini island
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